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hasn't thought of this itself."
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How It Works - Outlook 2003/2007

Click here for Outlook 2010-2016



Download and install 'Single Click Filing for Outlook'.

After starting Outlook, click the ‘Single Click Filing’ button followed by 'Configure Buttons'.
In the Configure window you can:
  • Enable and configure the Backspace key
  • Assign a folder by clicking the 'Browse' button
  • Change the button name
  • Move buttons up/down
  • Click 'Clear' to clear folder and button

In the Configure screen you can also
  • Add a folder to Outlook (click the 'Browse' button)
  • Change name of the main button on the toolbar
  • Disable shortcuts
  • Remove the icons
  • Add button separators
Configure Screen

When done click OK and your Single Click Filing buttons will show on the toolbar. It's that easy!

Add Single Click Filing to Outlook!

To file a message:
Simply hit the Backspace key or click one of the defined Single Click Filing buttons (or use the corresponding shortcut).

To file to any other folder simply click the 'Any Folder' button (Alt+Z) for the complete folder list.
- 'Any Folder' also shows a list with 'Most Recently Used' folders for quick and easy access.
- This MRU list can be cleared, frozen or a single entry can be removed.
- To add a folder to Outlook click the 'Add...' button after clicking 'Any folder'.
- Placing the cursor above a filing button will show the full path and shortcut of the button:

To undo a filing action, click the Undo button to move the message back to the original folder.

Download Single Click Filing for Outlook!
Download now and try Single Click Filing free for 14 Days

... and make filing as easy as pressing the Backspace key Use Backspace for Filing! !

If you need any help or have problems using Single Click Filing for Outlook, you can contact us at support@singleclickfiling.com.


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